There are many issues that society is facing at present. Talking about India, there are many issues like the education system, corruption, healthcare system, poverty, pollution, etc. that exist and we could contribute to resolving them. …

Hello everyone!! I hope that you all are well and safe. Today’s blog revolves around the management and monitoring services that are provided by AWS.


Amazon Web Services, commonly known as AWS, is the cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. It provides on-demand services. On-demand services mean that the cloud…

Hello readers! Hope you all are doing well. My today’s blog report will be about Email and DNS server in Linux. Hope you enjoy reading it!

DNS [Domain Name System]

To start with, let us check what DNS and Email exactly is. DNS is basically a decentralised & hierarchical naming system. This is basically…

Hello friends! Hope you all are doing well in this pandemic. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss about two types of game businesses. The “Free game business” and the “Paid game business”.

Mobile Games

Talking about today’s scenario, almost everyone has a smartphone. Smartphone has become a necessity for people. Everyone carries smart…

Varsha Hunjan

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